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Genshin Impact's Latest Update

Games help us take a break from real life and relax for a bit.  Whether it is a sandbox, RPG (roleplay game), or an FPS (first-person shooter) game does not matter. However, this one RPG took over the internet ever since its release. Genshin Impact is an open-world roleplay game where your goal is to save your twin brother/sister from an unknown goddess. Developers of the game always announce the updates earlier, and the newest update, version 3.6 was just released a few weeks ago; introducing us to new characters, regions, and events.

 Two new characters are added to the game, with some other side add-ons like one new weapon, etc. The five-star character of this update is Baizhu who holds a dendron vision. In this universe, superpowers are called visions and they are given by the archons (gods) of each element. There are seven elements and Dendro is the superpower to manipulate Earth. His weapon is a catalyst. Catalyst users use magic instead of melee or bow combat. The other character is a four-star whose name is Kaveh. He is also a dendro vision holder; but unlike Baizhu, he uses claymore weapons. Claymore is a humongous sword. Both characters and their weapons can be obtained by wishing.

→ this is Baizhu

→ this is Kaveh

There are also some new areas added to the game. The Sumeru regions —with the 3.0 update— expanded its deserts, and the areas’ new names are Gavireh Lajavard and Realm of Farakhert. These areas contain various fishing points and local specialties. Some areas can only be unlocked by completing some specific quests. Sumeru is the nation of dendro and is home to a lot of townsfolk, as well as lots of puzzles and interesting domains. Which means so many more of them are waiting for us to explore.

 Along with new characters and regions, five new events came with the update: the main event A Parade of Providence, Brewing Developments, Overflowing Mastery, Fulminating Sandstorm, and The Recollector’s Path. The main event is a celebration that takes place in the Akademiya of Sumeru, and one must play six mini-games and succeed to get the special rewards that vary from level-up materials to a free four-star character. Another event is the Fulminating Sandstorm, in which one must fight in the deserts of Sumeru with a cannon given. Meanwhile in The Recollector’s Path, one must complete specific challenges using a gadget that will make them fly a sprite.

 All in all, the developers never fail to surprise their fanbase with every update. The new characters are sure to spice up the gaming experience; on the other hand, the new regions and events will keep the players engaged in the game. Perhaps, it can be said that Genshin Impact is one of the most successful RPGs to ever exist.

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