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The 5 best ski destinations in the world

This time of year is the perfect time to ski. But there are so many ski resorts that it's hard to choose which one to go to, so I'll tell you about 5 of the most popular and most beautiful ski resorts in the world.

1)CHAMONIX= One of the most famous mountains in Europe is Mont Blanc. Here in the center of this mountain, on the border between Switzerland and France, there is the Chamonix Ski Resort. This is also the oldest ski town in France. Chamonix Ski Resort, was also considered worthy of hosting the first winter games held in 1924. in the center, which has 41 cable cars; in 20 minutes you find yourself rising from a thousand meters to 3 thousand 800 meters. The total length of the runways here is exactly 450 kilometers. One of the longest pistes in the world is also in Chamonix with a total length of 22 kilometers. You also have many alternatives for accommodation in the ski resort, which has 19 pistes.

2) ZERMATT= It is never a surprise that Switzerland is included in the best ski routes in the world with more than one destination. This country is so lucky in favor of snow that it also holds the leadership for winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding. Zermatt, on the other hand, is a dream town at the very foot of the Matterhorn Mountain, accessible only by train. Even to say that this place is one hundred percent closed to motor vehicle traffic is enough to draw attention to how natural and sheltered a beauty it is. The runway lengths in Zermatt are also beyond reality. Reaching a total length of 360 kilometers, 54 tracks welcome athletes of all levels with pleasure. It is a place where everyone can go due to the presence of low-slope and high-slope runways.

3) LAPLAND= This small settlement with a population of 200 thousand located in Finland is for those who are looking for a more realistic skiing experience than the city center. In Lapland, you can go on safari with haski and deer all day long. Everything from ski towers to halfpipe equipment is available at this center for ski professionals. Here, the temperatures can easily see minus 40 degrees.

4) CORTİNA d’AMPEZZO = Cortina, also known as the ”queen of the Dolomites", has special rock formations of the dolomiti mountains. It is possible to encounter snow heights of up to two meters here. Sliding between cliffs that look like giant sculptures can be an interesting experience, especially for Deceptively skilled climbers and skiers. Watching sunsets and sunrises at the unique height of this place is also an extremely unforgettable experience. It is also a member of the Unesco World Heritage list. The runways and lifts here can be considered virgin. This is due to both the unique structure of the destination and the number of runways up to 265. In this case, you can enjoy skiing to the fullest without waiting in line at all. The 11 black tracks, especially in the valleys, are really very difficult and completing them is a sign of expertise.

5) KİTZBÜHEL= Kitzbühel, located in the Austrian Alps, is also a destination worth visiting for ski lovers. There are 163 tracks here, including 81 easy, 69 medium and 13 hard levels. The total length of the runways is 158 kilometers.The town, where ski athletes of all levels can ski with pleasure, also has 2 large cable cars, 27 ski lifts and 28 ski lifts. You can also get to Hahnenkamn, the largest ski resort in the town, by gondola. The world's most challenging downhill ski race Streif takes place in this ski resort. Apart from skiing here; you can also do many different activities such as snowmobiling, mud bathing, balloon rides or curling.

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