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The Loss Of a Football Legend: Jürgen Klopp

Team management is as important as team quality in football. While poor management of a great squad may lead to disappointments, average squads can be champions with management of high quality. Because managers are that important, it is crucial for a football team to have a good manager. That’s why the news of Jürgen Klopp, technic director of Liverpool and one of the best directors of all time, leaving Liverpool is not great news for Liverpool. But why does he leave the team that he has been serving for years, what will happen to Klopp, and who will be the next director of The Reds?

               Klopp is one of the legends of Liverpool so the news of him leaving suddenly after years of service made most of the fans shocked. Some people thought that there might be some money issues, or he had another job offer from another team, but the reason for Jürgen’s farewell was none of these. He left because he was too jaded for it. He is out of the energy he needs to manage a club, and he feels like if he keeps going on, he might not give the expected results.

               Because of this much exhaustion, we may not see Klopp as a director in any club for some time. Klopp says: "If you ask me, 'Will you ever work as a manager again?' I would say now, no," to this issue, but he also adds: "But I don't know obviously how that will feel because I never had the situation.”. His management career's future might be unclear, but we surely know one thing: he is not willing to manage a club in the Premier League other than Liverpool. He expresses himself "What I know definitely - I will never, ever manage a different club in England than Liverpool, 100%. That's not possible." In response to that situation.

               Liverpool’s future is no different than Klopp's. They still don’t have somebody suitable to replace Jürgen. The rumors were about Xabi Alonso, former midfielder of Liverpool and manager of Leverkusen, being the next manager of Liverpool. His response to these rumors was: "We are on an intense, beautiful journey here in Leverkusen and I am trying to give my best to help my players to be ready for the next thing, that's my goal. What's coming? I don't know. To be honest, I am not at that moment thinking of the next thing. I think about where I am right now. I am in a great place. I am enjoying [it]. It's the right place so that's all I can say. What's going to happen in the future I don't know. I don't really care at the moment.".

               To sum up, Liverpool’s manager Jürgen Klopp is leaving his club at the end of the season. Klopp says that he doesn’t have enough energy to continue managing a team right now and neither his nor Liverpool’s future is clear. There are some sayings about Liverpool’s future that are no more than rumors, but after all, the football world is probably saying goodbye to one of the best managers who ever lived.


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