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A Good Girl's Guide To Murder

!!!This review contains no spoilers. You can still read it if you haven’t read the books yet!!!

What would you say to a trilogy where the main character did what the police c?. Pipa-Fitz Amobi was a regular high school student. But would she have got the same project if she knew, her life was never gonna be the same a?.

1 . A Good Girls Guide to Murder

Little Kilton was a normal town. Until a terrible incident turned it into a crime scene. The high school's popular girl Andie Bell went missing. It didn’t take a long time for police to come to the conclusion that Andie was murdered by Sal Singh, her boyfriend.

But the police never had the chance to arrest him, and Sal never had the chance to defend himself. Because he was found dead in the woods. He took his own life. They never found Andie’s body and the case closed.

After 6 years, a normal high school student Pip, who knew Sal and never believed that he could do such a thing, decided to choose this topic for her final-year project. During her investigation, she meets someone, someone who also never believed that Sal was a bad person, someone who was sure that something wasn't right but never had the chance to prove it. Ravi Singh, Sal’s brother.

As they start to dig out some secrets they find out that there is someone in town who wants to keep it hidden. And how far exactly would they go to keep Pip from the truth?

And soon Pip and Ravi will realize that this was a lot bigger than just a high school murder.

When you ask people in town what happened to Andie Bell, they’ll tell you without hesitation: ‘She was murdered by Salil Singh.’ No ‘allegedly,’ no ‘might have,’ no ‘probably,’ no ‘most likely.’ He did it, they say. Sal Singh killed Andie. But I’m just not so sure.” -Pipa-Fitz Amobi-

Real men wear floral while trespassing.” -Ravi Singh-

2. Good Girl, Bad Blood

Pip decides to never ever get involved in this kind of stuff after solving the town murder but this doesn’t keep her from starting a podcast where she talks about true crime cases. She was back to her normal life, until...

On the anniversary of Andie’s murder, someone from town goes missing. Jamie Reynolds, who everyone saw at the commemoration, had disappeared into thin air. After the police refuse to do something, Jamie’s family comes to Pip for help. And Pip found herself in the middle of a new investigation. As she continues to search, she reveals some dirty secrets of the town.

Is she going to be able to find Jamie before it’s too late? But most importantly, will she ever gonna have her normal and safe life again?

3. As Good As Dead

A few months before she leaves for college her last case still keeps haunting Pip. She decides that the only thing that can save her from that is another case. Just one more. She was going to focus on one more case to take her mind away from the past. A final case to save herself.

But there was something else. She was receiving the same anonymous question for the past weeks from her podcast. “Who will look for you when you are the one who disappears?”. After a while, she starts to receive more threats and Pip finds out that she now has a stalker. When she goes to the police for help, they just tell her that she is worrying for nothing. While nobody keeps believing her Pip discovers a connection between her stalker and a local serial killer who got arrested 6 years ago. Or supposed to be arrested. As the police keep refusing to help, Pip’s last case became her own case. Save herself to save herself.

This time she was going to have to fight harder than she ever did and on her journey to save herself, she will have to face the truth. Because one way or another her good girl days are coming to an end. As the dangerous game plays out, it’s now clear that if Pip doesn’t find the answers, she’s as good as dead.

“I’m not sure I’m the good girl I once thought I was. I’ve lost her along the way.” -Pippa-Fitz Amobi-

“The game had changed. Her against them. Save herself to save herself.”

“You’ve lost your mind,’ he sneered.‘Maybe. So you should be terrified.” -Pippa-Fitz Amobi-

“You're my person. My little one. My Sarge. And I'm supposed to protect you.” -Ravi Singh-

This series is now being adapted into a TV series and I can’t wait to watch it. Because the cast is just like they jumped out of the books. So I highly recommend checking the books before the TV show comes out. If you are not used to reading murder mystery books, then I can assure you that these books will make you love them. Holly Jackson’s writing is amazing and you won't be able to put the books down. The plot twists at the end of each book will blow your mind. Aside from the murders, the little romance stories in these books are also amazing. Ravi Singh is literally one of my favorite book boyfriends. You will read about a couple who face everything together. And their scenes will make you smile.

This trilogy is one of my favorite series ever and I highly recommend it to everyone. Even if you think reading is boring, I can absolutely say that these books will change your mind.

If you want mystery, murder, adventure, a sweet romance, and a little danger then these books are just for you.

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