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A Writer From Experience, Stefan Zweig

There are many writers in the world and these writers have influenced both society and the world around us. These writers have tried to direct society and bring innovation to society with their works. For example, works such as The Transformation, The Story of Two Cities and even A Modest Proposal wanted to present different ideas. Readers develop their own horizons with these books and use these works in their own lives. I will consider the impact of one of these authors, Stefan Zweig, and my interest in him. Stefan Zweig “At the height of his literary career between the 1920s and 1930s, Zweig was one of the world's most translated and popular authors of the time” (Wikipedia). Today, we know the author because of his books such as Chess. Stefan Zweig was influenced by the facism of Adolf Hitler, who lived in the past and wanted to destroy the Jews from the world, and he reflected these events well in his work. The fact that many of Stefan Zweig's books contain deep meanings and that he impresses me with his short 50-60 pages books, increase my reason for choosing the author. Besides, while Stefan Zweig aroused curiosity with his pathetic past, I was also interested in his similar works like Franz Kafka. Stephen Zweig impresses the reader by presenting the characters in his works in a beautiful way, combined with the experiences he had. In the world of a dream or in real life, along with his very good evaluation of the emotions of death, life, collapse and Ascension, he takes the reader to a different world.

After the general evaluation, in order to better understand Stephen Zweig, it is necessary to know what he did during his life. I think Stefan Zweig's experiences were very influential.The formation of these experiences started with the fact that he changed many things in his life in order to escape from the German, and in the novels he wrote in these cities he fled to, he showed the features there and the experiences they had until then. When World War I began, Stephen Zweig returned to Vienna and voluntarily joined the army. While in the army, he worked as an officer in the War Archives and supported the war as a journalist and writer, but when he went to Galicia and witnessed the pain at the front, he displayed the meaninglessness of the war and gained anti-war attitudes. In order to express these views, he published the Tower of Babel work while he was there. He started to publish many works, along with the plays called Jeremiah in order to show the tragedy and suffering of the period, after the First World War. He then continued to work as a newspaper reporter in 1917 and moved to Zurich, Switzerland, promoting humanist views at the time. The Tower of Babel was a book that would help him to share very good thoughts. However, according to what is told in the holy book, God, who sees this passionate stealing from the sky he is in, understands how much glory the work is rising. He understood the greatness of the soul that human beings have placed in him with the lamp, what an inevitable night he has as long as the unity of man is not broken. God decided to hinder this work so that humanity would not rise and reach the heights where he alone reigned, and said: Let's create confusion among them so that no one understands what the other is saying, how in the scriptures how people in the scriptures will not understand each other because they are having different religions while they are working at the beginning of a future joint work. People who did not understand each other got angry with each other, set their bricks aside, got into a fight, and then left their common works in the middle and dispersed. Stefan Zweig likens this idea to war.

In order to better understand Stephen Zweig, I must also describe and evaluate Letter From An Unknown Woman. We see a letter from an unknown woman written in the first half of the 1920s. Written by a woman, the novel tells the life of a woman who is squeezed between a section that starts with the death of the child and ends with her own death. The life of the woman shows what she went through from the past to her death, how she got rid of the pain, and how these pains caused experiences. The unknown woman writes all kinds of details in her letter and composes a letter of approximately 30-40 pages. This story contains both the interesting life of the woman and her gripping letter. Letter From An Unknown Woman describes mood and human psychology. She describes the emotional breakdowns of women, the ups and downs of her own life, and the constant change in her mood. The book, which is about the unconditional love of the woman who is only a ghost in the eyes of the man reading, is actually based on psychology.

As a result, Stephen Zweig is a writer who has earned a reputation for his many works. Stefan Zweig suffered a lot during his exile years, and he could not stand this pain and committed suicide with his wife. I think the tragic death of the famous writer is the emotion that he wants to reflect in his stories. In fact, it arouses my interest to know that my life came from a very stressful and depressed writer. It is important to understand the author's style and what he wants to tell us by giving examples such as the Letter From An Unknown Woman.

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