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Analysis of "The Alchemist"

The Alchemist is the third novel by world-famous Brazilian author Paulo Coelho. This book has been extensively read, loved, and praised in Turkiye since 1996. It was written based on a short story in Mevlana's famous Mesnevi, a great Eastern classic. Moving on to the book, let me first start by explaining to you what Alchemy is. In short, Alchemy is an effort to understand nature, humans, and life. It also examines whether life consists only of scientific knowledge that we can weigh and measure, or whether it also consists of things such as beliefs and philosophies. Moving on to the story of the book, our main character Santiago decides to become a shepherd because he loves traveling, even though his father wants him to be a priest. While he was living with his sheep, he dreamed several nights in a row that a treasure was waiting for him in the Egyptian pyramids. He couldn't fight his curiosity and asked a gypsy to interpret his dream. Santiago decides to go on a great adventure when the gypsy tells him to go after his treasure. Paulo Coelho has done a great job in terms of content and storytelling. If you have an inquisitive nature and are interested in philosophy, you should read this book.

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