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A future dystopia. The world has now become nearly impossible to live in, with no environment, and no greenery. When humans came to this planet called Pandora, with the hope to find a new home they never thought about if they would be welcomed.

When the first movie came out in 2009, it bewitched people with its amazing world. The story was perfect and the characters were so nicely written. And the visual effects of the movie were so real that while

watching, it took people from their seats and made them join the story. All over the world, everyone was talking about this movie.

After 14 years, the directors decided to reopen the gates of this world. Even the day the movie came out people were rushing to the cinemas. Having the chance to enter this amazing world and fell in love with it once again excited people. And in 14 years technology developped a lot so this time the effects were going to be so much better.

The story starts with the return of humans to Pandora. Our main character Jake Sully has now become the leader of the forest people. When he finds out that what humans want is him, he has to make a hard choice for protecting both his people and his family. He leaves the forest with his family and goes to live with the reef people, the betraying clan. But things are not going according to the plan and humans find Jake there too. After that, we watch as the two clans fight together against what they call “the Sky People”. During this fight, there is a scene that made all of us cry. One of Jake’s sons, Neteyam, sacrifices his life to save his brother. And he broke everyone’s heart with his last words,” I want to go home”.

How were all the blue avatars and the magical creatures in this movie made? The technology that was used in this movie is called CGI in which you’re shooting with real actors and then turning their faces into whatever you want with computers. The animals also have a similar way to make, in some scenes they are completely made by computers but when characters are going to ride that animal, actors sit on a platform for a more realistic view and the animal is added to the scene afterwards.

In this movie, there are also many underwater scenes. Because of that the director, James Cameron, wanted a very realistic view; in most of the scenes, actors were acting underwater. During these scenes, Kate Winslet, who plays Ronal in the movie, broke Tom Cruises 6 minute breath-holding record by holding her breath for 7 minutes and 15 seconds. Avatar always becomes prominent when it comes to visual effects. The effects are so realistic that it is almost impossible to tell which scenes are real and which are made using a green screen. This movie got 4 Academy Awards which are: Best Visual Effects, Best Picture, Best Sound, and Best Production Design.

All in all this movie affected so many people all around the world and it also gives a lot of messages about protecting the environment and our families. So because of the things I explained Avatar is always going to be one of the best movies when it comes to fantasy. The exciting news is that there will be 3 more movies coming out in 2024, 2026, and 2028 respectively. Pretty good right, in the end, we all dreamed of being an avatar at least one time.

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