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How to Choose the Right Book & Best 8 Books To Read

Reading books has always been emphasized to us. However, they never told anything about how, how to read books without getting bored. The answer is: You need to choose the right book.

To be honest, not all books are worth reading. And the ones that are worth reading, sometimes do not match our interests and these books can even make reading books boring. In order to avoid this undesirable situation, you should choose your books carefully. For this, here are the two things you should do before selecting a book to read:

· Define your preferred genre

This is the most important thing you should do to enjoy reading. If you watch movies and series you probably know the genres you like. In case you do not know anything about it, don't worry. Discovering your preferred genre might take a short time. All you need to do is read a few kinds of books. Or if you do not want to read you can also find your genre by watching different kinds of movies or series.

In brief, by reading or watching a few different kinds of genres, I can assure you that you will find your genre without struggling much. Once you find it, you will enjoy reading books in the genre you like.

· Read or ask the comments of the people who have read the book you are deciding to read

And here, I have listed 8 books that you should definitely read.*

(Also added their page number and genre)


It is a historical documentary novel by Turgut Özakman. The book covers the period of the War of Independence. It is the product of 50 years of ongoing research by Özakman.

In this book, the author has presented the War of Independence with all its facts as a gripping novel. The most impressive thing is that you can read your own history with all realities at once. It is a long book but I highly suggest and also assure you that it is a worth-reading book.

Page Number: 752

Genre: Historical Novel

2. The Midnight Library

The book is about a desperate woman in her 30s who have no aim in life, continuing her life in depression. One day she decides to die and finds herself transported to a library. There, she finds a chance to undo her regrets and live every kind of life that she could have possibly lived.

I think that this book can also be called a personal-growth book. It ignites a spark in your mind and inspires you. Telling that all you need is to believe in the potential within you. It will definitely make you aware of who you are.

A quotation from the book: (Addressing the "better lives" she could have lived)

"They were all her. It was inspiring because she saw the kinds of things she could do when she put herself to work. She just needed potential."

note: I suggest reading this book in English. It will surely be beneficial for improving your English level because it has a readable level of language and also a wide range of vocabulary

Page Number: 288

3. Mu Kıtası

The book is about the huge catastrophic war at the "lost continent of Mu" that caused the continent to sink. The "lost continent of Mu" which is said to be located in the Pacific Ocean and sank thousands of years ago, has become a mythical story. (You can also search for it on the web)

This book is not so popular but all myth lovers should certainly read it. The book has an incredible sequence of events. By means of the prospering describes, you feel all the thrill of the big war.

Note: If you have read the Percy Jackson series and like it, you will definitely enjoy this book.

Page Number: 384

Genre: Mythological Novel

4. A Brief History Of Time

With this book, you explore many fundamental questions. Such as: How did everything begin? Does time always flow forward? Is the universe endless or are there boundaries? What will happen when it all ends?

Hawking discusses two major theories, general relativity, and quantum mechanics, that modern scientists use to describe the Universe. Also the unifying theory in the end.

I liked the explanation of the most complex questions and the problems in the easiest way that everyone can understand. If you are interested in science and astronomy then you should take a look at this book.

Page Number: 256

Genre: Popular Science

Note: You can read this book in both Turkish and English. However personally I always prefer reading them in their original language-if possible- since sometimes the translations might include translation mistakes.

5. Robert Langdon Series

This book series is about the adventures of a Harvard University professor of religious iconology and symbology, Robert Langdon.

I personally think that there are two ways of reading these books:

The first one is if you are interested in art and religion history, and also symbolism then you can learn many things and improve your general knowledge by taking notes. You will definitely find many connections with the real world since Dan Brown wrote this book based on the many researches he conducted.

The second one is, if you are not interested in these fields, you can just simply immerse yourself in the plot of this gripping book. Either way, you will not put down a single book until the end. I highly recommend reading them.

Page Number: 630(on average)

Genre: Novel, Thriller, Mystery, Suspense, Crime Fiction, Conspiracy fiction

6. Madonna In a Fur Coat

The book is about a man that has been sent to Berlin by his father in order to learn some useful things like making soap in the factory. Instead, the character reads books and walks around the city. One day, while walking around the city, he gets into a museum and gets captivated by a self-portrait: “The Madonna in the Fur Coat”. He meets with the artist and he falls in love with her. The book is about the very love he feels for the woman.

The best-selling Turkish classic of love has been translated into 21 other languages.

The writer successfully conveys all the feelings of love, despair loneliness to the reader and also mirrors society.

When you read this book, you will realize that this book can be the best definition of love.

Page Number: 177

Genre: Novel/Love, Literary fiction

7. And Then There Were None

It is a murder mystery novel published in 1939 and written by the world-famous mystery writer Agatha Christie.

"And Then There Were None" is the story of ten strangers each lured to an island with different aims by the unknown owner of the island. On the first day, the 10 guests listen to someone on the record that accuses each person of being a murderer. On the same day, one guest dies and soon the other guests start mysteriously dying one by one. Unable to leave the island, the guests begin to share their darkest secrets.

This book is one of the perfect mystery novels with an incredibly unexpected ending.

Page Number: 272

Genre: Novel/Love, Literary fiction

8. Five Weeks In a Baloon

The book is written by Jules Verne, being his first novel. The adventure novel tells the tale of three fellows under the leadership of Dr. Ferguson. They have a balloon trip over the mysterious continent of Africa.

It is a fantastic novel that you will enjoy their adventures. The storyline keeps the reader hooked.

Note: In the book, there are many mathematical calculations, especially in the beginning. I suggest not to lose much time on the detailed mathematical calculations that are given in the book since they are not necessary to continue reading.

Page Number: 343

Genre: Adventure fiction


*These books are not in order.

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