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Calculating Your Footprint

In our daily life, we use certain resources to handle many of our needs, and thanks to these resources, we can continue our lives more healthily and comfortably. Although this situation may seem good, unfortunately, it can negatively affect the lives of other people. Resources on Earth are limited, and if these resources are overused, citizens in states with weak governments are doomed to live with a low quality of life. However, as the world becomes polluted, our quality of life decreases. Diseases caused by polluted air, boring lives with the increase of urbanization and extinction of living species with the decrease of green areas are a few examples of such problems. The carbon footprint is therefore of great importance and we all have different carbon footprints depending on our needs. With the evaluations I made on certain sites, I saw that my carbon footprint was average, although it varies from country to country, I was able to reduce my carbon footprint by taking measures such as using public transportation, using renewable energy, and buying as many products as necessary. Since the welfare level of countries such as Canada and England is higher than Turkey, it is lower than the citizens there. I observe that this situation affects the possibilities and welfare level of the countries, the lifestyles, and the carbon footprints of the people there. I used sites such as the Global Footprint Network and WWF to look at my carbon footprint and had my carbon footprint calculated based on food, transportation, living, and goods needs by answering specific questions. Although it was low in general, I saw that it was high in food, I was usually eating meat and wasting the excess food, and when I realized this situation, I decided to take precautions. The world has certain resources and these resources will eventually run out. Unfortunately, we cannot bring the world to North American standards, but to increase the welfare level, the population must decrease. Ecological footprint research has influenced me in many ways and has been a pioneer in what I can do. Such studies should be increased and presented to people and seminars should be held on how to take precautions.

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