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Computer Science vs. Computer Engineering: Which one suits you the best?

If you're interested in computers, you might consider majoring in Computer Science or Computer Engineering, which we commonly refer to as computer-based majors. When choosing your major, it's essential to understand the differences between them to determine which one suits you best. Let's clarify any questions you might have.

Computer Science: Some people may think that computer science is just about programming but in fact, computer science is divided into 4 key areas. These are Programming Languages, Algorithms, Theory, and Architecture that are used in making computer software. Computer scientists create the software that makes computers work, like the operating system and communication rules. They also figure out ways to keep data safe, understand and store information, and ensure data is sent securely. Computer scientists have many exciting career choices. They can become software engineers, mobile app developers, data scientists, web designers, systems analysts, or UI/UX designers.

Computer Engineering: Computer engineering focuses on the practical side of technology, where circuits come to life, and hardware innovation takes center stage. So we can say that it is a mix of computer science and electrical engineering. Computer engineers create and build processing units and circuits, which are a link between a computer's hardware components and the software it operates. There are plenty of career choices for a computer engineer due

to its unique position bridging computer science and electrical engineering, enabling them to handle the tasks of both fields effectively. But the most popular ones are computer systems analyst, electrical engineer, database administrator, information systems manager, information security analyst, software developer, data scientist, and firmware engineer.

Differences Between Computer-Based Majors and the Summary:

Even if I can say that we can think of differences between these majors as theory and software vs. application and hardware, there are some other key differences between them. These differences include variations in salary potential for degree holders and the size of industry growth. But the differences between these majors might not be a big deal if you're doing the job you really want. When you love what you do, you can overcome any challenge that comes your way.


Which major do you believe is the best fit for you?

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