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Extreme Jobs

If you are an adrenaline addict who wants to have an extreme career this is the article you are looking for!

There are a million jobs and you need to find one that suits you the best if you want to enjoy life. This is a very critical choice that you should make wisely, because if you choose a job that will bore you and restrain your abilities you will be devastated and probably won’t achieve your goals.

To find a job, you must first understand these four terms which are job, work, career, and profession. A job is what you do at work, while a career is the whole picture of your work life, including your education, training, professional memberships, volunteering, and all the jobs you’ve had. A profession is a paid job that usually needs a lot of training and an official qualification.

Now, let’s begin:

Secret Agent

I spy with my little eye something cool! Even though it’s not what it looks like on TV, it is still a very extreme profession.

These people provide security to important members of the government. They also check out money-related crimes like fraud and fake money. It may be a hard job, but it’s crucial for protecting important assets and people.

However, becoming a secret agent is no easy work and applicants must satisfy several requirements addressing their physical fitness, citizenship status, and education level (Forbes, 2023).

Professional Stuntman

Do you like to fall from great heights, run from explosions, and be in car crashes? Wait… What did I just say?

I say, if you want to take place in a movie, get paid well, and live at the peak of adrenaline and danger, this is your profession. Of course, there are safety mechanisms in filmed performances, but there is a high risk when you perform in front of a live audience. But in the end, even if it’s well-choreographed, both are dangerous.

Stunt performers working in today’s film and television sector must train in different skills such as martial arts and stage combat. To perform on stage or screen, they must first become certified members of a recognized professional stunt performers organization. This certification is crucial for getting the necessary insurance coverage (Wikipedia, 2023).

Skydiving Instructor

Looking for a job? Well, the sky is the limit, literally! A skydiving instructor teaches people the basics of safe skydiving and helps them jump out of a plane from miles up with a parachute. They also assist with gear, answer questions, and make sure everyone follows safety rules. The traits of a skydiving instructor must be calm, dedicated, highly alert, determined, strong, get along with others, be reliable, strong work ethic Most importantly an instructor must be able to analyze and handle risk ideally.

Safari Guide

If you want to get paid well while doing a dangerous job, this job is very neat, well, if you don’t get eaten by tigers and become meat . Most tour guide jobs need at least a high school diploma. Certain roles as tourist require a college degree. Also, you need some other qualifications such as first aid, driver’s license, rifle handling, 4x4 driving and you need to be a Field Guide.

Venom Milker

I’ve heard of milking a cow but milking a reptile?! Well, it’s not actually milking, it’s more of extracting the venom from venomous reptiles such as snakes.

Venom milkers are zoologists, and their purpose is mainly to extract these venoms for medical and biological research. On the other hand, this job is also used to save lives. For example, if someone is bitten by a poisonous snake, venom milkers can extract the poison from the injured person and help them live longer while doctors create an antidote.

If you want to do this job, there is a long training and education ahead of you. So better start working!

All in all, every job is fun when it addresses your traits and abilities. However, there are many people out there who don’t want to work in an office and sit behind a computer all day, like me. And I hope I’ve helped a little to those who wander adventures.

Of course, these aren’t all the extreme jobs available, so you need to keep searching for what you want.

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