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Halloween is a festival celebrated every year on October 31st, where kids dress up to go ask ‘’trick or treat’’ to different houses. Usually, decorations are put up on the lawns, and there is a great variety of food and spooky stories that deem this celebration special. Of course, it's not just that. People participate in many activities such as masquerade, carving a lantern from a pumpkin, horror movies, and going to houses that are believed to be haunted.

It used to be more common to celebrate Halloween in the USA and European countries, but now, this celebration has become widespread in many countries. Although it may seem like a terrible festival, it is a day in which you can have a lot of fun.

In addition, pumpkins are very important in this celebration. The reason pumpkins are used at this celebration is that these pumpkins, which used to be more scary-looking, are said to be kidnapping evil spirits... In this tradition, black and orange colors are usually used, because the black color symbolizes ”death”, and the orange color symbolizes ‘’autumn and harvest season.’’

While it is celebrated in many countries, celebration traditions may vary from country to country.


One of the most popular activities in England is apple-bobbing parties, which are unique compared to other countries, where people put their heads into a container filled with water and try to catch the apples floating in the water with their mouths. Some of the most well-known pranks are throwing eggs at houses and covering buildings or city landmarks with toilet paper.


In Hong Kong, this celebration, which they call Yue Lan, the Hungry Ghosts Festival, is seen as an opportunity to appease the dead spirits who are believed to be roaming around freely that day. Pictures of fruits are burned for the dead and money is given.


In Ireland, snap apple is the most well-known game in which apples hanging from a rope are tried to be bitten and called “Knock-a-dolly," in which children knock on the doors of houses and run away without the homeowner opening them.

As a result, although there are common stereotypical Halloween activities, it is a celebration in which some countries' own cultures and beliefs are also effective. People make a lot of preparations to celebrate this festival and look forward to that day. In addition, brands release new products related to Halloween or make special discounts for that day. In fact, Halloween is a day that attracts so much attention from people that even ordinary brands are affected.

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