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Introducing The Secret Garden Project!

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During widespread discussions about sustainability, it's crucial to consider how each of us plays a part. Take a moment and answer these questions on your own:

-Do you recycle every available material that you use?

-Do you know/make compost?

-Have you ever grown/ planted a plant?

- Do you know the methods people used to make food stay fresh for a longer time?

I found myself answering 'no' to all of these questions. In response, a friend and I initiated The Secret Garden Project, a community service endeavor aimed at teaching children the foundations of a sustainable lifestyle while raising awareness in our community.

We’ve already established a neighborhood recycling point, and our upcoming projects involve creating home greenhouses, teaching composting techniques, and instructing on the preservation of food items like pickles, jams, and dried fruits. Additionally, we plan to organize fundraising events to support street animals by providing them with food and making donations to TEMA.

We invite you to support us by following our Instagram account and providing feedback. Together, let's grow a greener, more sustainable future. Thank you!

Follow Our Instangram Account: gizlibahce.projesi

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