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Is it possible to achieve unlimited energy: TOKAMAK(ITER)

In our life we use energy everywhere. Apple grows on a tree, farmers collect them and deliver them to the local markets. In this procces energy is consumed regarding the tree and the farmers. To power cars we again use energy because energy and heat work together and creates friction and this leads the car work. The same process can be considered for an orange. It gets mineral and water to grow and from then on an orange is an energy store.

In addition, we starve not only because we are hungry but also because we lack energy. We need to store energy and it is only possible when we eat something. So we need food to get energy. But where does the energy we get from the foods go?

Of course it is not going away, energy must be conserved, though. For example, when you eat an apple your energy level goes up and you are able to do many things such as running. When you run chemical energy turns into kinetic energy.

But can we consider this as an unlimited energy? Actually we can’t because kinetic energy can’t be used. You can say that we use sun as an unlimited energy source but you are wrong because it has low efficency compared to the other unlimited energy sources because it can explode.

Today, nuclear energy, which is a type of energy that is derived from the nucleus of the atom, is the best way to have great amount of energy. Nuclear energy produces radioactive waste. It uses uranium for that. Burning 1 kilogram of uranium yields 82 million joules of energy, which is a very significant step for humanity. And it costs 100 trillion dollars per gram. It is very pricey and should be conducted carefully because Chernobyl nukleer cenral exploded in 1986 (A nuclear explosion is caused by the rapid release of energy from a high-speed nuclear reaction )so it is not the best way.

The foundations of thermonuclear fusion research laid back in 1905 by Albert Einstein and in 1920 by Francis William Aston, who calculated that four protons could combine to form a helium nucleus and release energy. Also the operating principle of nuclear centrals is related to Albert Einstein's E=mc² formula , which expresses the conversion of mass into energy.

Experimental work on Tokamak systems began in 1956 at the Kurchatov Institute in Moscow with a group of Soviet scientists led by Lev Artsimovich. The group built the first tokamaks. A tokamak is a machine that generates a toroidal magnetic field to confine plasma which is the same with what our sun does. It is one type of a magnetic confinement device and a strong option for generating fusion energy. At the end it releases great energy. Also it is doing these things without carbon emission which is incredible. Nuclear fusion has the potential to provide clean and virtually limitless energy. With a glass of water it can give the same amount of energy that one barrel gives.

Currently scientists are working on the biggest experiment (ITER) in South France. Thousands of scienties from 35 countries have been trying to build the world’s biggest Tokamak since 2010. They call it an experiment because they haven’t proven the fusion yet. We can call it creating a sun in the earth in a dounught shaped cup. If everything goes fine it is planned to be started in December 2025. If they can achive it, it can change the fate of the world.

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