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Places You Can Never Go on Earth

Earth is a place that we call our home, however, isn’t it interesting that we are not allowed to or can’t go to some parts of it? What is hidden in those places? Why can’t we go there? 

This is not one of the articles in which you can find information about attractive tourism destinations in the world, but rather an article on places and zones that people are never allowed to go, see or visit. These places vary from military buildings to governmental reserves, from nuclear facilities to inhabitant islands. Here are a few of them.

Metro 2 (Moscow, Russia)

In Moscow, apart from regular underground public transportation, there is another one named Metro 2. It is claimed that this line was built as a secret escape route from Kremlin to the Federal Security Service back in Soviet Russia in the Cold War.

Coca-Cola vault (Atlanta, Georgia, USA)

The recipe of Coca-Cola has been a mind-blowing question for many people. Some say it contains bugs, others claim there are super harmful chemicals in it. Well, the answer is right in Atlanta. Although tourists can visit the building, it is strictly forbidden to get into the vault.

Global Seed Vault (Svalbard, Norway)

This vault is also known as the “Apocalypse Warehouse” because it keeps around 4,000 plant seeds including many endangered species. Since it is predicted that the most important issue will be the food crisis in the future, this vault was established to collect seeds to fight against hunger. Of course, we are not sure who will be benefiting from it.

Catacombs of Paris (Paris, France)

Built as a tunnel to strengthen the walls of ancient stone mines, this ancient underground space was turned to be a cemetery in the 18th century for 6 million people's remains.

It has a very long history but, in a nutshell, the overpopulation and the increasing death rates in Paris led the governors to move the cemeteries to this underground space due to the deceases caused by corpses. Today, only 1% of the Catacombs of Paris can be visited, the rest shall remain a secret.

Area 51 (Nevada, USA)

This place is amongst the most popular restricted places. People all over the world wonder what lies behind these walls. They even come up with incredible conspiracy theories such as there are aliens inside it, or the USA is developing weapons to destroy the world. The United States Air Force (USAF) says that Area 51 is for supporting the development and testing of experimental aircraft and weapons systems. However, the truth is, we don’t know. Another interesting fact is that the facility has an extreme security system and USAF has the authority to shoot people who cross Area 51’s borders.

In this article only five places are mentioned, however, it must be known that there are many other places, and some that we didn’t even hear of. It makes people want to know about these places, what secrets are being kept there, and why? Maybe, one day these restricted areas turn out to be attractive tourist destinations and we can finally have a visit to all.


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