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The French Revolution is a period of time (1789-1799) where the people of France rebelled against the monarchy and formed the first democratic republic in the modern world.

The French Revolution is considered as the start of democratic rules and the formation of modern republics. While this is true, there are many things that are missed when mentioning this revolution and its effects to the world.

The reasons of the start of The French Revolution are a combination of social, political and economic isuues. The monarchy was unable to fulfill the requests of people. To solve this The Monarch Louis XVI opened an national assembly but it wasn’t able to stop the people

from rebelling.

(The Storming Of the Bastille)

On the fateful day of July, 14, 1789 the people of France armed with weapons stormed the politcal prison/garrison of the Bastille located in Paris. While this event seems small, it significantly reduced the King’s and the nobility’s power. This event is considered as the changing point of the revolution.

After this event the revolutionists would go on to publish The Declaration of the Rights of Men and of the Citizens on August 26, 1789. On October 6, 1789 the king was forced to accept this declaration and turn France into a constitutional monarchy.

Until June 1791, there was some peace but that would end when Louis XVI and his family tried to escape from Paris because they were under house arrest. On July, 17, 1791

the deposition of Louis XVI was petitioned but this petition was ended when national guard fired upon the petitionists. Louis didn’t recieve enough support so he would be forced to sign the Constitution of 1791. This Constitution stopped him from gathering outside help from other empires.

The new constitution wouldn’t last for long as Austrian and Prussian(German) armies refused to leave the french border. Thus on April, 20, 1792 French army attacked these armies. This marked the beginning of The French Revolutionary Wars. Yet these attacks were disastrous leading to the King’s Palace getting attacked by the French Army in August 1792. Louis XVI would be temporarily deposed.

There were some internal problems in the republic during this time but things would change on September, 20, 1792 when the French Army was able to defeat the Prussians. Emboldened the French would officially form The First French Republic on September, 22, 1792 and Louis XVI would be permenantly deposed from becoming a citizen.

(The Execution of Louis XVI)

On January, 21, 1793 Louis XVI would be executed for "conspiracy against public liberty and general safety". European powers would declare war upon as they opposed to the execution of the king. This era was very chaotic for the newly formed republic as they faced internal and external problems. During this time a young commander named Napoleon Bonaparte would rise in ranks gaining favour in the army.

In the early times of the republic The Reign of Terror would start , an era where 16.000 people would be executed by gulliotine for counter revolutionary actions, would last from September 1793 to July 1794. During this era many leading revolutionaries would be killed to gain political stability. On July, 28 the revolutionaries who started the executions would be executed themselves by gulliotine.

The time between 1795 to 1799 is mostly uneventful for the revolution but the bad regime would end getting overthrown by a coup led by Napoleon Bonaparte who had been increasing his military power over the years.

(Napoleon Bonaparte)

After this event the French Revolution would end and Napoleon would take power as the first consul to start on this path, where he would be crowned the emperor in 1805.

Although The French Revolution did not last for long its effects surely did. That is the reason why we all must remember and take lessons from the things that happened during this era.

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