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Running for equity in education

Today, May 7th, 2023, a 10 km marathon was ran in Izmir. With the effort and valuable contribution of several non-governmental organisations and Municipility of Izmir, over 3000 people took part in this non-profit event. Everyone had different aims which will lead us to have a better future. The general aim of this organization was to give scholarships to university students. Everyone raised money and sent it to the non-governmental organisations. This incomparable endeavour will change the lives of many young people. You can still donate money clicking this link:

The organization was also good for socializing and making new friends. Personally I met with a bunch of nice people but I forgot to get their phone numbers so maybe I saw them for the first and the last time. Nevertheless, it was also good to feel fit and discover my potential. I wasn't feeling tired after 10 kilometers run but after I got home, I unfortunately felt the real pain. It is definitely worth it.

By the way, Kenians shared the first positions in the marathon, as usual. Their performance was incredible.

In conclusion, this organization was benefical to everybody and we managed to collect some money. I hope these funds will help students in their further education and will motivate them. I hope they won't forget today, this effort and goodwill of the runners and will study enthusiasticly, without leaving the country, which will make Turkey a better place in the end.

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