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Self-Sustaining Transportation

Global warming is one of the biggest problems in our world and because of this, people and governments started to search for a solution for it. Since global warming and the greenhouse effect is caused by gas emission, it seems like the only solution for that is to reduce it. But it’s not an easy task. Governments must sacrifice their money and economical power to reduce the emission caused by industry and people must sacrifice their comfort to reduce the emission caused by electricity and heating which are the first and third sectors to contribute the global gas emission most. But there is an easier way to reduce it. By making transportation self-sustaining.

Trains might be a good option to start making public transportation self-sustaining. There are lots of ideas about it but the most interesting one is to turn train station turnstiles into turbines. This interesting idea was found by IBERDROLA, the leader of wind energy in Europe. By this project, they will be able to turn the effort 4.5 million people already make every day into a new source of energy. This was not an easy task, since they were trying to turn a small movement into energy but whit the partnership of the engineering school Junia, they were able to do it. The prototypes are already in use at a station in Paris, and they are already generating nearly 2200 watts per day. An easy calculation shows us that if the whole underground train system of Paris uses it, there will be enough energy to power an entire line, and this will reduce CO2 emission by 30 thousand tons per year. This project will soon be extended across Europe starting with Madrid.

Another example of self-sustaining transportation is in Istanbul. With the solar panels in the Metris tram station, 8,4kw of energy is produced which can power 7 houses for a year and this station produces its energy by itself. It reduces CO2 emission 5,8 tons per year which is equal to planting 147 trees.

To sum it up, if we want to reduce carbon emission without sacrificing anything, self-sustaining transportation might be our best option and we might be able to turn everything to energy.


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