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Everyone these days has heard the word “spirituality”. Some think of it as an unnecessary and ambiguous thing to occupy themselves and some would like to know more about it. Therefore, here is an explanation of what it is and what it is not.

We each have our own unique vibrational frequency, which can also be defined as “spiritual energy”. Spirituality aims to keep this energy under control and as beneficial as possible. It is about finding a meaningful connection with the world and yourself, which may result in positivity, peace, gratitude, and acceptance.

Spirituality is as old as the seeking of a god for human kind. Even though the word comes from the Latin word spiritus (spirit) which is related to spirare, (to breathe) the history of spirituality predates this word. The Eastern religions, which date back to 2000 BCE, mostly include spirituality and mindfulness. Chakras could be a suitable example of this.

Spirituality, first and foremost, requires a sense of connectedness to a god, a deity, nature or even to oneself. It gives people a perspective on life and events. Spiritual people try and find a meaning of everything in life, including their sufferings, achievements, goals, social interactions and obstructions.

The main practices associated with spirituality include prayer, meditation, chanting, breathing exercises or rituals. Similarly, crystals can be used to stabilize energy, while incense and aromatic candles can be used for aromatherapy and meditation.

Despite the fact that spirituality is associated with religious beliefs, it is not a religion and doesn’t require religiousness. A lot of non-believers engage in spiritual practices. Furthermore, spirituality is not witchcraft and doesn’t involve hexes, curses or spells.

In short, spirituality offers us numerous benefits and is easy for most. Although not everyone thinks it is convenient for them, spirituality has been practiced for many years and will be. It is important because we should keep our emotional health in check in order to be more efficient in life.

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