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Stakeholder Analysis for Natural Resources

With the increase in the world population and the corresponding increase in needs, the resources in the world began to decrease. This problem has led to the search for new resources or sanctions to reduce the number of production. Unfortunately, our planet, the world, has been in a difficult situation in such events. Most states destroyed nature for their benefit and took the resources on earth, and as a result, the world began to lack resources. Such problems have now turned the polar points, which started to disappear with global warming, into new popular points. Due to the excess of oil, states such as the USA, Russia, and Canada began to seize the resources there. This situation can lead to consequences that may have very bad consequences in the future with environmentalist thinking. The world is already in a difficult situation due to the pollution made by people, however, political wars in the polar regions can cause the depletion of resources there. To avoid such problems, people should use them as much as they need. The reason is that fossil fuels in the world are close to running out and will eventually run out.

It is necessary to leave the interpretive part behind and take a look at the geographical part. When we look at fossil fuel consumption in the world, we see that countries such as North America, Saudi Arabia, and Australia are at the forefront. In addition, we see that Russia and similar countries, which are close to this need, are following it. we see the acquisition of fossil fuels, which is the main target of these countries.

In addition to fossil fuels, it is necessary to include far eastern countries as oil needs, but these countries stay away from this agenda, in this case, it becomes a matter of states close to the geographical region there. As a result of this work, it will be able to meet the general oil needs of the world with high profits, so this situation is met with importance by the countries.

What if we use new and attractive renewable energy sources instead of using resources like oil? Renewable energy resources are the types of resources that have less impact on the world. Energy is produced from sunlight or wind in devices such as solar panels and wind turbines. When we look at the image, when we switch to renewable energy sources, job opportunities increase and this can be seen as an advantage. However, the materials used in producing these devices still harm the world. In addition, fossil fuels are efficient, easily extracted, readily available, and logistically They are well-established.

As a result, the Alberta oil Sands are an important field for oil extraction. Of course, although this situation seems beneficial, it creates a problem for oil, which is in danger of running out in the future. It may be more advantageous to switch to renewable energy sources instead of such political and environmental problems. Managing the world from an environmental perspective can contribute to the longer life of human beings.

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