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Throughout history, women had to face various hardships around the world. In the past, these injustices were around the world, but in most countries, women have equal rights to men. Turkey is one of these countries but just on paper. "In modern-day Turkey, young women may face a range of difficulties, including the objectification by older individuals, the potential for arranged marriages at a young age to individuals much older than themselves, and, in some cases, domestic violence that may result in tragic outcomes such as murder." Unfortunately, there are too many hardships that women in Turkey have to face but today I am going to talk about domestic violence.

Firstly, what is domestic violence? Domestic violence is aggressive behavior within the home. Domestic violence has various shapes like psychological or physical violence, but none of it is better. Domestic violence could be experienced by any of the family members but it is generally experienced by women and girls by their husbands, dads, mother, brothers, or even sisters. There was the Istanbul contract that protected women from domestic violence and it was signed by almost all of the European Union and Turkey on 11 May 2011 and entered into force. On 1 August 2014. The Istanbul Convention has contributed to a visible reduction in domestic violence, which is attributed to the efforts of women who have fought for their rights and to the provisions of the Convention, providing a sense of peace and security for victims. Regrettably, the period of peace and security did not endure, as the government terminated the Istanbul Convention on July 1st, 2021, subsequently leading to a resurgence of the nightmare of domestic violence. Between May 11th, 2011, and July 1st, 2021, at least 2,534 women lost their lives in Turkey, with over half of these deaths resulting from incidents of domestic violence. Despite the already alarming numbers, it is unfortunate to note that from 2021 to 2022, a total of 729 women were reported as having been murdered in Turkey, with once again more than half of these cases attributed to incidents of domestic violence. As demonstrated, the Istanbul Convention represented a significant step forward in addressing the issue of domestic violence in Turkey. However, with the government's decision to terminate the Convention, women are now left vulnerable to the possibility of harm and even death at the hands of their own families. This is just the physical part of domestic violence. It is difficult to fully comprehend the amount of trauma that a woman who has survived domestic violence and divorce may have experienced, the extent of the lasting impact on her mental health, as well as the potential need for numerous psychology sessions to facilitate her recovery.

In conclusion, domestic violence is just one among the many forms of abuse that women may have to endure. Nevertheless, it can be argued that it is one of the most severe, as it involves an intimate partner who was once trusted and loved, inflicting harm and trauma on the victim. How does one regain trust in others and begin a new chapter in life with a blank slate? Simultaneously, I believe that the Istanbul Convention served as a protective measure for female victims of domestic violence. However, with the government's decision to terminate the convention, women may now face greater vulnerability and uncertainty regarding their safety and well-being. What is your thought about domestic violence in Turkey? What would you do if you were born as a Turkish woman? or What are your thoughts about the Istanbul contract and its termination?

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