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The Importance of Teachers

Being a teacher is one of the most popular, yet underestimated professions of modern society. Most people view being a teacher as "an easy way of making money", but is it?

First of all, let's mention the importance of the profession, teachers have a huge effect on people's acts, thoughts, hobbies, professions, and even mental health throughout their whole life. A lot of people like or dislike a lecture according to the teacher, which almost directly affects their choice of profession. Secondly, what teachers say or how they act against students shapes their whole psychology, especially in primary and middle school. Approximately 83% of students credit teachers for boosting their self-esteem, which is a lot considering that a typical educator teaches more than 3,000 students throughout their career. Also, students gain most of their behaviors from their classmates and teachers. Teachers play a "similar to parent figure" role in students' lives.

Now let's mention the negative parts of being a teacher. Teachers have a more intense day than most people think. On average, teachers work 400 hours of overtime each year. Also, if we mention the teachers of our school, we see them either answering questions, teaching lessons, or planning the lessons throughout the day, even during break times. The times when we see our teachers having an actual break aren't very often, which proves a lot.

To sum up, being a teacher isn't easy and teachers should be always respected, considering their hard work and efforts in order to teach a whole new generation some new information and spending their time for our success. And to all the teachers who are reading, we wish you all a happy teachers' day and thank you for all your hard work...

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