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The Last Supper

In the past we had a lot of revolutions. These revolutions allowed us to witness many scenes, and with these events, we learned from the past and were led view the future better. Among these revolutions, the painting The Last Supper from the Renaissance revolution is one of a kind. The development of perspective was part of a wider trend towards realism in the arts. Painters developped other techniques, studying light, shadow. Leonardo da Vinci is famous for all these.

According to Christian belief, it is the last meal that Jesus ate with his apostles in the evening before his crucifixion (Wikipedia 2). The Last Supper was painted by Leonardo da Vinci. This painting beautifully explains the desire for art that contains many mysteries and that was developped in the Renaissance period. At this meal, Jesus eats many foods at the table with his apostles. They drink wine from the Holy Grail and eat bread (Wikipedia 2). It takes place in the refectory of the Convent of Santa Maria Della Grozia. In this picture, Jesus is in the middle with his apostles. Many painters later drew similar ones. Scholars have viewed The Last Supper as the source of early Christian Eucharistic traditions. See the account of The Last Supper, derived from 1st century eucharistic practice as described by Paul in the mid-50s (Wikipedia 2).

As a result, Leonardo da Vinci presented us with The Last Supper, which is one of the great works in the renaissance revolution, thanks to the talents of the Italian painter, draftsman, sculptor, architect and engineer, which summarizes the Renaissance humanist ideal of skill and intelligence (Heinrich Heydenreich).

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