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The Super Mario Bros Movie

The movie, named “The Super Mario Bros. Movie”, which I have been waiting for months has recently been released. It tells the story of what happens to Mario and his brother Luigi after they find a secret portal to another dimension.

While I enjoyed the movie and appreciated the visual style, I found the overall plot to be somewhat average. There was a “Blue Talking Star” which you can tell that it became a fan favorite with its adorable appearance and relatable quirks the audience was bursting into laughter every time he showed up.

However, most of the characters were underdeveloped. Despite these drawbacks, I would still give the movie a rating of 7 out of 10 for its impressive use of visuals and cinematography. Anyone older than 6 years old can watch the movie which is a strange and debatable decision for the movie to appeal more to children, considering the majority of Mario's fanbase are now adults.

The movie’s best achievement is the way it captured the beauty and intricacy of a magical realm. The color palette and composition in the film's visuals were stunning and truly brought Mario’s passion and cuteness of side roles such as Toad (The Mushroom) to life on the screen.

The villain of the story was a “turtle” named Bowser. The main motivation of Bowser is probably the funniest motivation I have ever heard but the director somehow managed to make him look tough. However, I do feel that the story could have been more engaging and the characters more fully-realized.

Overall, everyone who grew up with Super Mario will enjoy it. Although it may not have the most intriguing story or the strongest characters, the film's stunning visuals and the nostalgia you feel when you are watching make it worth a watch.

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