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Have you ever been distracted in an exam because the clock was ticking and you couldn’t concentrate on the exam? According to the scientists, you can prevent this situation to occur with this entertaining game called ‘chess’. Chess is a board game that contains 64 checkered squares and unique pieces that can move around the board. Your main goal is to put your opponent’s king in a position where it is in check and cannot escape on the next move. But how can this ridiculous board game help you to improve yourself?

Chess is a strategy game that forces you to focus on anticipating your opponent’s next moves. To predict what your opponent will do next you should develop the ability to look from other people’s perspectives which scientists call the “Theory of Mind”. It improves showing empathy to someone and building healthy relationships. Chess shows us that we can increase our IQ level up to 15% which is quite amazing. It might not be surprising that chess improves your memory skills which affect your life at any point. From tests to your mom’s birthday or to the place where you left your keys.

There is a playstyle in that you play chess with your opponent from your mind. You visualize the board in your mind and make your tactics on that board. It helps you to maximize your performance on doing a challenging task. If you play chess often you can see the change in your ability to deepen your focus. Off chance, players can get stressed by losing a competitive game in a row. You should have a break at that point to avoid your mental health to burn out.

Overall chess is a brilliant, beneficial strategy game that you can play with your friends. If you mind starting chess you can learn it on youtube or the people who know how to play can teach you. If you allocate some time to play chess, you can see the changes even in your daily life and perspective.

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