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İzmir Bahçeşehir College 50th Year Campus High School students made a 10k run with the Association for Supporting Contemporary Life with the slogan "For a Contemporary Future". Many different non-governmental organizations and people from different countries came to the Marathon İzmir. Before the run, activities were organized and awareness work was carried out, and then marathon started with warm-up movements. The participants started running with determination and completed the 10 km running track in total. During the run, different institutions organized supportive activities for the runners, creating a great environment for socializing and raising awareness. We, most of whom participated for the first time, participated in the run together with students from different schools and created awareness for the donations collected under the umbrella of the Association for Supporting Contemporary Life.

Personally, this run was a good experience for me, it was a bit tiring, but it was an enjoyable marathon, I made many new friends, I gained awareness by talking to different social community organizations. It was a great honor for me to support the Association for Supporting Contemporary Life, which aims to protect and develop Atatürk's principles and revolutions, and to reach modern people and modern society through modern education. Such marathons are a great experience for those who do not know at first, and I recommend everyone to participate in such events voluntarily. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this event.

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