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Which Belief Suits You The Best?

So many people don't know what they believe in or they confuse with the concept itself. It may be because of lack of religion education at schools or information pollution. Let's find out which belief suits you more.

Theism is a belief that you believe in a god with a personality who generally sends scriptures and prophets or expects some worship. These beliefs generally have some religions for them and they have some variations like polytheism and monotheism. Polytheism is believing in multiple deities that are unique for themselves. Monotheism is a belief which you believe in only one god. The best examples are Islam and Christianity. And another belief that is confused with monotheism is pantheism. Pantheism is the belief that God and the universe are one and the same, seeing the sacredness in nature and rejecting the concept of a separate personal deity.

The people who believe in pantheism don’t think that there is nothing but god. Deism may seem close to theism but in deism, there aren't any religions because god is perfect there is no need to send any revelation and humans can understand the existence of the god by their mind. The last common beliefs are atheism and agnosticism. Atheism is an absence of belief in the gods which is the opposite of theism. But being an atheist doesn't require not believing in metaphysics. Agnosticism is the belief that god's existence is unknowable and that human reason isn't enough for providing information about god's existence.

Overall, these common beliefs may or may not suit you however knowing the meanings of these beliefs is essential for understanding what you really believe in. If you struggle with finding yours you can research other beliefs and find your own way to live and believe whatever you want. But it is a must to respect other people's beliefs.

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