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Why Cats Are So Cute?

Do you like cats? I personally love cats as much as most people. People generally like them and take them to their homes as pets. Most people find cats cute, and the reason for that is that people are driven to find things that are smaller than them cute.

First of all, what is "cuteness"?

Cute was defined as "attractive or pretty, especially in a childish, youthful, or delicate manner." By Merriam-Webster, While this seems subjective, researchers have attempted to define it more scientifically.

The idea of ‘baby schema’ was introduced by Konrad Lorenz, who is an Austrian ethologist, in 1943. According to this theory, certain characteristics, such as large eyes, chubby cheeks, and tiny mouths, are instinctively appealing to humans. Babies, cats, dogs, and rabbits could be counted as examples.

In addition, like babies, cats seem to activate our brain’s cuteness response. This might be because of big eyes and small mouths. Studies have shown that humans extend the ‘baby schema effect’ to animals as well as babies. Additionally, cats share some interesting personality traits with babies like looking for affection. "We’ve evolved to have a strong weakness for human babies," says Dr. Amanda Takiguchi, who is a veterinarian. Furthermore, looks aren’t the only thing that makes cats cute. They show some behaviors that attract the human brain like rubbing themselves on your leg while they want attention, purring when you pet them, lying on top of you when you are sitting on a couch or lying on a bed, sleeping next to you while you are sleeping at night could be given as examples of the ways cats attract humans with their behaviors.

To sum up, I think that cats are cute because of their affection and softness, I mean of course, there is an effect of their big green /blue eyes, pink little noses, soft fur, cute long tails, and soft little pinkish paws. There appears to be scientific evidence that cats are cute, and researchers have discovered evidence of this. I wish to have cats in my home when ı am older. What is your thought on cats? What do you think about them?

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