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Witnessing Wonder: The Flower Moon's Eerie Appearance on May 5th

Get ready for a breathtaking celestial event that will enthrall skywatchers everywhere! A penumbral lunar eclipse will cast its shadow across the surface of Earth's satellite on May 5th, creating an incredible sight that should not be missed. The moon will take on an odd greyish tint while it traverses the extreme reaches of Earth's shadow, which is guaranteed to stun onlookers. Keep reading to find out even more about this sanguine moon.

Penumbral eclipses are just like any other lunar eclipse, they occur anytime the Earth moves in between the Moon and Sun, blocking the Sun's light. However, what sets them apart from their counterpart is their extraordinarily challenging observational nature.

The Moon will pass through the outermost part of the Earth's shadow, where the Earth only seems to partially hide the Sun's disk. The Moon will become dimmer as a result of the Sun's decreased illumination, although the moon's disk will still be somewhat illuminated in its entirety. This subtle change can only be noticed through the sharpest of naked eyes.

The Moon is predicted to enter Earth's shadow between 18:15 and 22:32 GMT and be 3° above the horizon at the time of the eclipse's peak, which will occur at precisely 20:24. Any location on Earth where the Moon is over the ocean floor at that particular moment will be able to observe the aforementioned natural occurrence.

This eclipse is expected to be visible from Turkey, so grab your telescope and find a comfortable spot.

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