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World Cup And Its Revenue

The World Cup is without a doubt, one of the most important sports events. It is an international football tournament which is held every 4 years.It is organized by FIFA. Lots of countries want to be the home country of the next World Cup because of its importance to football fans and its revenue.

The World Cup starts with the staging of the groups. Every group has 4 countries and 2 of them get to proceed to the next stage of the tournament. There are 8 groups in a World Cup, which means there are a total of 32 teams in the organization. The next stage is the final 16. In this stage teams that are picked by draw play single matches to determine which team moves up. After this, the quarter finals are played. Teams play single games until they get to the final. In the final, the team who wins gets to lift the World Cup trophy and earns the highest amount of money compared to any other team. The team who loses gets to be the second term in the rankings. The teams that are eliminated by the finalists in the semifinals play a game to determine which term becomes the third. After all the ranks are determined, teams earn the money that FIFA gives according to their ranks.

Because of the attention this organization brings, both FIFA and the teams earn lots of money. FIFA allocated 440 million USD as the prize money for the 2023 World Cup. Teams that got eliminated in the group stages got 9 million USD. Teams that got eliminated in the group stages got 13 million dollars each. Teams that got eliminated in quarter finals got 17 million dollars. The team in the 4th place which is Morocco, earned 25 million dollars. In third place Croatia earned 27 million dollars and France who got the second place earned 30 million dollars. Finally, the 2022 World Cup Champions Argentina earned 44 million dollars.

To sum it up, FIFA World Cup organization is a very famous and profitable tournament. FIFA, the organization that organizes the tournament earns its share by the broadcasting rights and tickets. Qatar, which is the home country for the 2023 World Cup, earns its share by attracting football fans from all over the world who want to experience the World Cup matches live. And the teams get their share by attending to this entertaining tournament and so many fans love to watch it all.

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